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  • BasketBall Schedule V3


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  • Middle School Trip to Museum of History and Holocaust Education
    Viaje de la escuela secundaria al Museo de Historia y Educación sobre el Holocausto


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  • Chick-Fil-A Supply Tour

    The High School Class visited a Chick-Fil-A Distribution Center to learn about the types of jobs available in the distribution and supply chain. 

    La clase de secundaria visitó un centro de distribución de Chick-Fil-A para conocer los tipos de trabajos disponibles en la cadena de suministro y distribución.


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  • Hello! Exciting news--GSD has purchased for all families a FREE account at SignIt!, an online ASL learning website! Everyone in the family can take free classes (live or recorded), meet with a tutor one-on-one, and many more great options! It is very easy to get an account. You can contact Marie Dickinson by text/phone (706.331.6314), or email ( I strongly encourage all GSD families to get an account and see the great lessons with SignIt! After you sign up, SignIt is free for you to use for one year (renewing after one year is possible).

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  • Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (1787-1851) holds an important role in the history of education for Deaf students in America. Gallaudet Day is celebrated each year on his birthday, 10 December. High School students in Julie Burton’s ASL I and ASL II classes, in addition to a few other students, put on a wonderful play this year, telling the story of Gallaudet’s work to establish education for Deaf students. In the play, a statue of Gallaudet (played by Santos Castanon-Gonzalez) “comes alive” to a group of current Gallaudet University students and they discuss how his meeting of a Deaf child, Alice Cogswell, led Gallaudet to travel to Europe, learn about education for Deaf students in France, and return to America with a Deaf teacher, Laurent Clerc, to establish the first permanent school for the Deaf in Harford, Connecticut (the American School for the Deaf). Kudos to all the talented students who worked hard in practices to put on this great show and Julie Burton for her many hours working to make this event happen!

    Captions will be added soon.


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Parent Notifications

  • TOPICS for Parents:
    TEMAS para padres:

    • Unlock GA Meeting Nov 13

    • Family Engagement Month

    • Informational on Smoke and CO Alarms
      Informativo alarmas de humo y CO 

    • Intruder Alert Drills
      simulacros de alerta de intrusos

    • Medicaid


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  • EngFamilyEngagement2023

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  • spanish smoke and co alarm information

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  • english smoke and co alarm information


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  • Hello Families! 

    In accordance with Governor Kemp’s School Safety Act that became law on June 1, 2023, we will be conducting an intruder alert drill this month.  In preparation for this drill, we will be talking with students about what to do should we ever need to protect ourselves from an intruder on our campus. 

    Keeping your child safe at school is of the utmost importance to us at the Georgia School for the Deaf. In our efforts to do this, we conduct a variety of monthly drills, train our staff, regularly review our safety practices, and collaborate with our local first responders and other community partners to ensure that our facilities and protocols meet high safety standards.  One significant change we made over the summer was the addition of Code Red Guard Access Control Devices on all of our campuses (ask your student about the Red Box).  These devices, installed on classroom doors as well as other strategic locations, allow us to effectively lockdown from an intruder in just seconds. 

    You can learn more about Code Red Guard devices on their website:

    If you have any questions about the safety and security of our campus, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


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  • Hola, familias:

    De acuerdo con la Ley de Seguridad Escolar del Gobernador Kemp que se convirtió en ley el 1 de junio de 2023, llevaremos a cabo un simulacro de alerta de intrusos este mes. En preparación para este simulacro, hablaremos con los estudiantes sobre qué hacer si alguna vez necesitamos protegernos de un intruso en nuestro campus.

    Mantener a su hijo seguro en la escuela es de suma importancia para nosotros en la Escuela para Sordos de Georgia.

    En nuestro esfuerzo por hacer esto, realizamos una variedad de simulacros mensuales, capacitamos a nuestro personal, revisamos regularmente nuestras prácticas de seguridad y colaboramos con nuestros socorristas locales y otros socios de la comunidad para garantizar que nuestras instalaciones y protocolos cumplan con altos estándares de seguridad. Un cambio significativo que hicimos durante el verano fue la adición de dispositivos de control de acceso Code Red Guard en todos nuestros campus (pregunte a su estudiante sobre la caja roja).

    Estos dispositivos, instalados en las puertas de las aulas, así como en otras ubicaciones estratégicas, nos permiten bloquear eficazmente a un intruso en cuestión de segundos.

    Puede obtener más información sobre los dispositivos Code Red Guard en su sitio web:

    Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre la seguridad de nuestro campus, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros.

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  • Medicaid Redetermination

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  • English Page 1


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  • SpanishPage1


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