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  • flyer for meetingsflyer spanish


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  • Middle School Trip to Museum of History and Holocaust Education
    Viaje de la escuela secundaria al Museo de Historia y Educación sobre el Holocausto


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  • Chick-Fil-A Supply Tour

    The High School Class visited a Chick-Fil-A Distribution Center to learn about the types of jobs available in the distribution and supply chain. 

    La clase de secundaria visitó un centro de distribución de Chick-Fil-A para conocer los tipos de trabajos disponibles en la cadena de suministro y distribución.


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  • EMERGE Leadership Graduation / graduacion de liderazgo EMERGE

    Congrats to Yovanni Morales-Romero and Raybon Zinn for graduating from the EMERGE High School Leadership program. Pictured below are Yovanni (left) and Raybon (right) with the EMERGE Director Eric Collins

    Felicitaciones a Yovanni Morales-Romero y Raybon Zinn por graduarse del programa EMERGE High School Leadership.  En la foto de abajo están Yovanni (izquierda) y Raybon (derecha) con el director de EMERGE, Eric Collins.  

    Yovanni EMERGE raybon and eric


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  • Dr. Tiffany Pauling-Brown
    GSD Teacher of the Year / Profesor del año GSD
    State Schools Teacher of the Year / Maestra de escuelas estatales del año

    After being selected as Teacher of the Year for GSD, Tiffany competed against the other state schools and was announced as the division winner. Dr Tiffany Pauling-Brown will now go on to compete for the State of Georgia Teacher of the Year award. 

    Después de ser seleccionada como Maestra del Año de GSD, Tiffany compitió contra otras escuelas estatales y fue anunciada como la ganadora de la división. La Dra. Tiffany Pauling-Brown ahora competirá por el premio de Maestra del Año del Estado de Georgia.  

    Dr Tiffany winning state schools teacher of the year


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  • Amaya Mason
    Student of the Semester / Alumna del semestre
    Noon Optimist Club  / Club optimista del mediodÍa 

    Amaya was chosen because of her positive attitude and willingness to work hard in her classes.

    Amaya fue elegida por su actitud positiva y voluntad de esforzarse en sus clases.

    Amaya Mason Student of the Month


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  • Whales: Mammals or Fish?
    Ballenas: ¿ MamÍferos o Peces?


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  • Georgia Department of Education 2023 Parent Survey

    Encuesta para padres del Departamento de Educación de Georgia de 2023

    The Survey is available at the link below in English and Spanish

    La encuesta está disponible en el siguiente enlace en inglés y español. 


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  • Noon Optimist Club Communication Contest 2023
    First Place Winner: Jeremiah Green (senior)
    Jeremiah Green
    Noon Optimist Club Communication Contest 2023
    Second Place Winner: Parris McCrory (freshman)
    Parris McCrory
    Noon Optimist Club Communication Contest 2023
    Third Place Winner: Miracle Castleberry (senior)

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  • Congrats to the 2022-2023 Staff of the Year winners Julie Burton and Russel Nolan. Julie Burton (left) has been with GSD for three years, currently teaching American Sign Language at all levels. Russell Nolan (right) has been with GSD for seven years, and works with our warehouse and funding.

    Julie Burton staff of the year Russell Nolan


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  • Congrats to 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year Dr Tiffany Pauling-Brown! She has been with GSD for 20 years, currently teaching middle school math, coaching the middle school math team, is a graduation sponsor, and will represent GSD in the Division of State School's district Teach of the Year selection process. 

    TOTY Dr. Tiffany Pauling-Brown


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  • What a great job these three did earning their Certificates showing they know their ABC's. You can watch Maria show her knowledge off in the video.


    Cesar CertificateKingsley CertificateMaria Certificate



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  • A must-watch! These 5th graders in Mr. Loren Frick's science class do a fantastic job explaining animal classification and fish AND the video includes a fish giving birth! So cool!


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  • The 4th and 5th graders in Mr. Loren Frick's science class do a great job explaining the seasons and sunlight. Watch and maybe you will learn something new! Way to go!


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  • Hello! Exciting news--GSD has purchased for all families a FREE account at SignIt!, an online ASL learning website! Everyone in the family can take free classes (live or recorded), meet with a tutor one-on-one, and many more great options! It is very easy to get an account. You can contact Marie Dickinson by text/phone (706.331.6314), or email ( I strongly encourage all GSD families to get an account and see the great lessons with SignIt! After you sign up, SignIt is free for you to use for one year (renewing after one year is possible).

    signit logo



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  • Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (1787-1851) holds an important role in the history of education for Deaf students in America. Gallaudet Day is celebrated each year on his birthday, 10 December. High School students in Julie Burton’s ASL I and ASL II classes, in addition to a few other students, put on a wonderful play this year, telling the story of Gallaudet’s work to establish education for Deaf students. In the play, a statue of Gallaudet (played by Santos Castanon-Gonzalez) “comes alive” to a group of current Gallaudet University students and they discuss how his meeting of a Deaf child, Alice Cogswell, led Gallaudet to travel to Europe, learn about education for Deaf students in France, and return to America with a Deaf teacher, Laurent Clerc, to establish the first permanent school for the Deaf in Harford, Connecticut (the American School for the Deaf). Kudos to all the talented students who worked hard in practices to put on this great show and Julie Burton for her many hours working to make this event happen!

    Captions will be added soon.


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Graduation 2023

GSD Apparel

Summer Camps

  • GROW Camp
    Getting Ready for Opportunities in Work

    June 25 - July 1, 2023

    For Deaf and Hard of Hearing High Schoolers
    Registration link:
    Cost: Free to attend
    Locatoin: TBA



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  • Camp Juliena

    July 16-21, 2023

    For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Ages 6 - 13
    Registration closes June 2, 2023
    Cost without scholarship: $325
    Registration link:
    Location: LaGrange, GA 30241


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