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Tiger Tails

  • Students performed in a Holiday Show and did a great job. You can watch them all on our YouTube Channel (GSD Social Media): GSD Holiday Performances Playlist 

    You can also see them on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Enjoy! 



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  • Camp Juliena Journey

    Looking for something fun to do on Saturdays? Check out Camp Juliena Journeys! Camp Juliena, a summer camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students provided by the Georgia Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, is offering innovative new ways for families to engage in fun, Deaf-friendly activities virtually. Be sure to click on the flyer to register for these fun events.

     english flyer


    Camp Juliena Journeys

    ¿Busca algo divertido para hacer los sábados? ¡Eche un vistazo a Camp Juliena Journeys!

    Camp Juliena, un campamento de verano para estudiantes Sordos y con problemas de audición proporcionado por el Georgia Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, ofrece nuevas e innovadoras formas para que las familias participen virtualmente en actividades divertidas para los Sordos.¡Asegúrese de hacer clic en el volante para registrarse en estos divertidos eventos!

    flyer spansih


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  • Congratulations to Mrs. Jamie Saunders, GSD's Teacher of the Year for 2019-2020!! Jamie is GSD's ASL teacher and does so much to help our students build language skills, pride in themselves as Deaf individuals, and become successful students and citizens. She is a true asset to GSD and the Deaf community! Thank you, Jamie, for all you do!!

    Picture 1: Sharion Gooden (principal), Dana Tarter (Teacher of the Year 2018-2029), Jamie Saunders (holding bouquet of flowers), and Leslie Jackson (Superintendent)

    Picture 2: Jamie Saunders holding her certificate.

    toty toty2


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  • One of our juniors, Jackie Williams, spent a month this past summer at Youth Leadership Camp. Here she is, telling about her FANTASTIC experience! The video is in ASL with English captions.

    Uno de nuestros jóvenes, Jackie Williams, pasó un mes el verano pasado en el Campamento de Liderazgo Juvenil. ¡Aquí está, contando sobre su experiencia FANTÁSTICA! El video está en ASL con subtítulos en inglés.


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GSD Apparel

  • GSD Apparel has something for everyone on your holiday shopping list! Order your Signing Snowman shirt today--you can even add a hearing aid or cochlear implant to the snowman if you want! 

    Order form: Signing Snowman Order Form

    ¡GSD Apparel tiene algo para todos en su lista de compras navideñas! Ordene su camiseta Signing Snowman hoy; ¡incluso puede agregar un audífono o un implante coclear al muñeco de nieve si lo desea!

    Formulario de pedido: véase más arriba

    Signing Snowman


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  • Get your GSD jogger pants in time for holiday gift-giving! 

    Order form: Jogger Pants

    Formulario de pedido:Formulario de pedido de pantalones Joggers GSD Tigers


    jogger flyer jogger order form


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  • Need some awesome GSD merchandise? Check out these new offerings from GSD Apparel! Hoodies (adult and youth sizes), mugs, and tumblers!! They make great holiday gifts, too!

    Watch the video to find out more and see the mugs and tumblers: Mugs and Tumblers video

    Download the order form here: Order Form

    ¿Necesitas mercancía genial de GSD? ¡Vea estas nuevas ofertas de GSD Apparel! Sudaderas, tazas y vasos

    Mire el video de arriba para obtener más información y ver las tazas y vasos.

    El formulario de pedido en español estará disponible pronto.

    p 1 p 2


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  • GSD will resume on-campus, in-person learning for ALL students Monday, October 19, 2020. Please see the Return to Campus Plan for full details. 

    Return to Campus Plan English

    GSD reanudará el aprendizaje en persona en el campus para TODOS los estudiantes el lunes 19 de octubre de 2020. Consulte el Plan de regreso al campus para obtener detalles completos. 

    El plan para volver al campus


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  • Return to School (after quarantine)/Regreso a la escuela (después de la cuarentena)

    If a student or staff member has experienced being quarantined at home due to exposure to COVID-19 or a positive test, this "Return to School Form" MUST be completed before returning to school. Please refer to the GSD COVID-19 School Safety Guidelines on the GSD homepage under the "Back to School" tab for more information. 

    Download: Return to School Form English

    Si un estudiante o miembro del personal ha sido puesto en cuarentena en casa debido a la exposición a COVID-19 o una prueba positiva, este "Formulario de regreso a la escuela" DEBE completarse antes de regresar a la escuela. Consulte las Pautas de seguridad escolar de GSD COVID-19 en la página de inicio de GSD en la pestaña "Regreso a la escuela" para obtener más información.

    Descargar: formulario de regreso a la escuela en español




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  • COVID-19 School Safety Guidelines/Pautas de seguridad escolar COVID-19

    ATTENTION: Please read the GSD COVID-19 School Safety Guidelines. The guidelines explain the requirements and recommendations for STUDENTS and STAFF, including how illnesses will be handled. If you have any questions, please contact the school (numbers and email addresses included in the document).

    UPDATED 12.7.2020: changes are in yellow.

    Download: GSD Covid Safety Guidelines Updated 12.7.2020


    ATENCIÓN: Lea las Pautas de seguridad escolar de GSD COVID-19. Las pautas explican los requisitos y recomendaciones para ESTUDIANTES y PERSONAL, incluida la forma en que se manejarán las enfermedades. Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con la escuela (números y direcciones de correo electrónico incluidos en el documento).

    Descargar: Pautas de seguridad escolar COVID-19 en español


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  • Virtual Learning/El aprendizaje virtual 

    If your child is registered for Virtual Learning for the first 9 weeks of school, please read these guidelines carefully. 

    Download: Virtual Learning Plan English


    Si su hijo está registrado para el aprendizaje virtual durante las primeras 9 semanas de clases, lea atentamente estas pautas.

    Descargar: Plan de aprendizaje virtual en español


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  • GSD Reopening Plan/El plan de reapertura de GSD

    GSD’s reopening plan is now available. You can download it in English here: GSD Reopening Plan

    Here are some important points:

    • The first day of school will be Monday 24 August.
    • There are 2 choices for instruction: in-person instruction (on the GSD campus) and remote learning.
    • These choices are for the first quarter (9 weeks) of school (24 August-16 October).

    Please read the plan carefully. If you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact anyone on the list of contacts included in the plan.

    Deciding which option is best for your child(ren) may be a difficult decision for you and we understand this completely. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us—we are here to help.


    El plan de reapertura de GSD ya está disponible. Puede descargarlo en español aquí: Plan de reapertura de GSD

    Aquí hay algunos puntos importantes:

    • El primer día de clases será el lunes 24 de agosto.
    • Hay 2 opciones de instrucción: instrucción presencial (en el campus de GSD) y aprendizaje remoto.
    • Estas opciones son para el primer trimestre (9 semanas) de escuela (24 de agosto-16 de octubre).

    Por favor lea el plan cuidadosamente. Si tiene preguntas o inquietudes, puede comunicarse conmigo o con alguien más en la lista de contactos incluidos en el plan.

    Decidir qué opción es la mejor para su(s) hijo(s) puede ser una decisión difícil para usted y lo entendemos completamente. No dude en comunicarse con nosotros, estamos aquí para ayudarlos.


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  • DPH Return to School Guidance/Orientación para el regreso a la escuela del DPH

    The Georgia Department of Public Health's Return to School Guidance is referenced in the GSD Reopening Plan. You can read the document here: Return to School Guidance

    La Guía de regreso a la escuela del Departamento de Salud Pública de Georgia se menciona en el Plan de reapertura de GSD. En este momento, solo está disponible en inglés (enlace de arriba).



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  • Superintendent Woods: Transparency, safety measures are essential to ensure a successful school year


    August 13, 2020 – Schools throughout Georgia are opening for instruction – some in-person with a virtual/remote option for students, and some in a full remote or hybrid A/B model. 

    Understandably, there is apprehension and uncertainty from students, educators, staff, parents, and community members. Opinions and emotions are running high as families, educators, and school leaders work to navigate a landscape none of us have ever encountered or experienced. 

    When COVID-19 began hitting our state's educational system last March, the situation was challenging but the timing had a silver lining as we approached natural “breaks" in the school calendar – Spring Break, a testing season we were able to suspend, and the short-term wrap-up of the school year. 

    The start of the 2020-21 school year is just that – the start. There are going to be lasting and long-term challenges, no stopgap or summer around the corner.

    District and school leaders and teachers all across the state are putting in overtime to respond to these challenges. Some districts are beginning in an all-virtual mode, with an intentional phase-in plan for in-person instruction, prioritizing students who can be disproportionately impacted by virtual learning. 

    Others have delayed their start dates to intensify planning, professional development, and preparation. 

    The vast majority of districts have selected a model that gives families a choice between in-person and online learning. And in those districts, the majority of families are opting for in-person instruction.

    I have supported, and will continue to support, all of these instructional models as school leaders consult their unique communities' public health data, access to resources and connectivity, and the educational needs of their families and students.

    For those offering a face-to-face option, it is important to keep the goal in mind: keeping our students and staff safe while keeping the in-person option viable. We all need to be intentional and disciplined in our decision-making. I believe it will be imperative to adhere to the following: 

    1. Screen and monitor. If you or your child are sick or symptomatic, stay at home. See a physician and get tested.
    2. Sanitize. Practice good hygiene and wash your hands.
    3. Social distance. Whenever possible, stay at least six feet from others.
    4. Wear a mask. I know this has become a political issue. 

    Some see this as a personal choice and liberty issue, and I respect those points of view. Like many people, I find masks to be personally uncomfortable, but I wear one when I cannot maintain six feet of distance from others. We must keep the goal in mind: if this school year is to be successful, we will have to use all the available tools in our toolbox.

    As educational leaders, it is also non-negotiable that we operate, in this moment, with transparency. At the school district and state level, we must all engage parents and educators in restart planning, provide options that have buy-in and support from stakeholders, continue to assess and enhance our efforts, and admit when those efforts fall short.

    The vast majority of Georgia school districts are doing just that. I am aware, however, that some teachers and students in this state have felt compelled – explicitly or implicitly – to remain silent when they have concerns about their school district's safety plans. I want to state unequivocally that this is not acceptable. In every school and district in this state, teachers, staff, and students should be able to voice their concerns without fear of reprisal. Negative media reports and complaints from community members are not a reason to blame and shame – they are a reason to reflect on and refine our efforts and response. And when students and staff raise concerns, we need to be engaging with them to find viable solutions.  

    Likewise, school districts who are being transparent about case counts and quarantines – assisting with contact tracing efforts and clearly erring on the side of caution when identifying potentially impacted students and staff – are following the guidance they received from the state and working to safeguard the health of their students and staff. 

    The difficult decision to close down a section of a school or make a shift to online learning should be viewed for what it is – a district following guidelines that were put in place before school started to keep students safe. 

    Districts are following guidelines – for scenarios which were anticipated and put into place before a school even started -- to keep their students safe. Let us not penalize districts for their transparency.

    Together, we have been preparing for this moment since March. Throughout the spring and summer, the faculty and staff of Georgia's public schools prepared and delivered millions of meals to their students, taught millions of lessons virtually, and made millions of small gestures of dedication, passion, sacrifice, and compassion that added up to show the best of who we are as Georgians. 

    To ensure school districts had the resources necessary to put their plans in place, the state sent millions of face coverings and other PPE to school districts – enough for all students and staff in our K-12 public schools. We released comprehensive guidance on limiting transmission and preparing for safe in-person instruction. We provided additional funds for connectivity along with federal CARES Act funds (including funds to completely replace the federally required equitable services allotments for private schools).

    I have reminded local superintendents and boards of education that districts and schools have the authority to mandate masks/face coverings through their dress codes. Guidance from the Georgia Departments of Education and Public Health stresses the importance of face coverings, specifically in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained – such as buses, pickups/drop-offs, and hallway class changes. 

    Right now, the emotions are running high because there are no clear or easy answers – not for the medically fragile child who needs the refuge of an online learning option or for the child who is in a home environment that makes their school a place of refuge. Not for the parent of a child with a disability who desires face-to-face support or for the family without internet access or cell reception. Not for teachers who desperately want to be back in the classroom with their students but want to ensure they are there safely.

    Individuals will have differences of opinion. We must work together and work through those differences. Let us not point fingers, but come together to find solutions as we face this uncertain time together. 

    The “public" in public education is just that – a reflection of the challenges, needs, and voices of our communities. Leaders must continue to engage with the public and build trust, buy-in, and faith in their restart efforts.

    For my part, I will continue to advocate for our school districts, teachers, students, and families. I will continue to visit schools in-person, and to seek feedback from parents and students engaging in virtual/distance learning. I would never ask a teacher to enter a school building I am not willing to enter myself. 

    I know there will be more challenges ahead, but I believe all of Georgia can have a successful school year in whatever form and path that takes. The educational impact of the pandemic can be mitigated. But this will require that we all make sacrifices and face difficult decisions. To get through this time and make this school year a success, we as Georgians must come together as one. 

    Richard Woods is State School Superintendent of Georgia.


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  • P-EBT

    Due to the COVID‐19 pandemic, the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS), in partnership with the Department of Education (GaDOE), has been approved to offer the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program. This program will provide the families of children who receive free and/or reduced lunch at school with additional financial assistance to buy groceries.

    You can apply at The deadline to apply is 25 September. You MUST have your child’s GTID number to apply. See the attachment for how to find your child’s GTID. If you have trouble, please let Marie Dickinson know and she can look it up for you: or 706.331.6314.

    More info:

    PEBT Info English

    PEBT FAQ English

    PEBT infographic

    How to find GTID


    Debido a la pandemia de COVID-19, La División de Servicios a la Familia y los Niños de Georgia (DFCS), en asociación con el Departamento de Educación (GaDOE), ha sido aprobada para ofrecer el programa La transferencia electrónica de beneficios pandémicos (P-EBT). Este programa brindará a las familias de los niños que reciben almuerzo gratuito y/o a precio reducido en la escuela asistencia financiera adicional para comprar comestibles.

    Puede presentar su solicitud en La fecha límite para presentar la solicitud es el 25 de septiembre. DEBE tener el número GTID de su hijo para solicitarlo. Vea el archivo adjunto para saber cómo encontrar el GTID de su hijo. Si tiene problemas, infórmele a Marie Dickinson y ella puede buscarlo: o 706.331.6314.

    PEBT Espanol

    PEBT FAQ Espanol

    PEBT Infographic

    cómo encontrar GTID


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  • Talking about COVID-19/Hablando de COVID-19

    Need help talking to your child about COVID-19? Here is some guidance from the National Association of School Psychologists: NASP Guidance--English

    ¿Necesita ayuda para hablar con su hijo sobre COVID-19? Aquí hay una guía de la Asociación Nacional de Psicólogos Escolares:Orientación de la Asociación Nacional de Psicólogos Escolares en español


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  • CDC COVID-19 videos in ASL/Vídeos de CDC COVID-19 en ASL

    Here is a link to the CDC's ASL videos about COVID-19.  CDC ASL Videos


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  • COVID-19 Testing/Prueba de COVID-19

    Information about COVID-19 testing in Georgia can be found on the Department of Public Health's website: DPH COVID-19

    Puede encontrar información sobre las pruebas de COVID-19 en Georgia en el sitio web del Departamento de Salud Pública. Puede elegir el idioma español en la esquina superior derecha del sitio web. DPH COVID-19


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  • COVID-19 Information from the CDC/COVID-19 Información de los CDC

    The CDC has published these documents to educate people about COVID-19 and how to reduce your chances of becoming ill. 

    Website in English: CDC COVID-19 English

    English documents: 

    COVID-19 symptoms

    Sick with COVID-19

    Stop Germs


    El CDC ha publicado estos documentos para educar a las personas sobre el COVID-19 y cómo reducir sus probabilidades de enfermarse.

    Sitio web en español: Sitio web de los CDC en español

    Documentos españoles:
    Síntomas COVID-19 Español
    Enfermo de COVID Español
    Detener los gérmenes


    stop germs eng step germs span


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