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  • Jamie H

    Jamie Herston - Special Education Director, Student Support Services


    Phone: 706-777-2323

    Fax: 706-777-2204

    Beth Bell

    Beth Bell, Student Support Services Administrative Assistant


    Videophone: 678-710-8983

  • Student Services at the Georgia School for the Deaf is a collaborative effort involving the school, family, residential life, and community in developing an appropriate educational program that supports student achievement and provides the opportunity for every student to maximize his/her potential and become a productive member of society.

    All student support services are under the supervision of Jamie Herston, Interim Special Education Director. She can be reached during the school day at 706-777-2323.

    Expectation of Student Services Office and Staff

    • Prompt response to phone, e-mail, or mail correspondence
    • Annual Individualized Educational Plan meetings for all students
    • Re-eligibility meeting every three years for all students
    • Good faith effort to contact parent/guardian to attend all meetings scheduled for their child
    • Communication regarding any change in state policy or law regarding special education
    • An advocate for all services that your student needs to be successful academically
    • Parent rights given at each meeting regarding your student.
    • Parent access to student files
    • Confidentiality of all student records

    Updated Contact Information

    • Student registration takes place at the beginning of the school year, the week before the first day of classes.
    • Parents are asked to complete a student registration update each year. This provides the school with a current address, phone number and emergency contacts. It is important that our school maintain accurate information on each student. In case of an emergency due to illness, accident, or inclement weather, we must be able to contact parents/guardians or an emergency contact that is listed on the Student Update Form.
    • If any of this information changes during the year, parents are asked to notify the school. This is especially important when moving to a different county or changing any telephone numbers. The quality of information you receive from the school could be affected, as well as your child’s transportation.
    • If the parental custody of any child is in question, we must have a notarized copy of the court’s decision.

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