• Historical marker for GSD

  • This historical marker for the Georgia School for the Deaf can be found on the original campus of GSD in downtown Cave Spring, GA.

  • Northwest Georgia's picturesque Vann's Valley is the home of the Georgia School for the Deaf, Georgia's only residential school serving Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students. GSD was established in 1846 on the grounds of the Hearn Academy by one of its teachers, O. P. Fannin. A log cabin and a $5000 legislative grant began a more than a 170-years-long tradition of service to children across the state. GSD was the eleventh residential school for the Deaf established in the United States. With the exception of a short period during the Civil War (when the campus served as a hospital), GSD's doors have always been open to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in order to provide them with access to language and education that fits their unique needs. 

    GSD has an expansive campus of 480 acres in the small community of Cave Spring. The relationship between Cave Spring and GSD is unique because many residents and business owners are able to communicate with American Sign Language.

    Watch the videos below to learn more about GSD History! The videos were created by students in Julie Burton's ASL II class in Fall 2020.

GSD Black Deaf History

GSD Women's History

GSD Superintendents