• FAQ Small Pond

    Small pond on campus where Canada geese make their home.

  • What is GSD?

    Georgia School for the Deaf is one of three state-operated schools in Georgia. The school was established by the state legislature in 1846 to educate deaf and hard-of-hearing children living in the state of Georgia. From GSD's opening until the present, the only break in the operations of the school was from March 1862 to February 1867 during which time the school was used as a hospital for both the Confederate and Union armies. For more than 170 years, GSD has provided for the educational, social and emotional needs of Georgia's deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

    Where is Cave Spring?

    Cave Spring is located in Vann's Valley in Northwest Georgia, near Rome. It was chosen by the Cherokee Indians as a meeting place, called Talalah, meaning "place of sunshine". The town is named for the cave, located in Rolator Park in downtown Cave Spring, that contains a flowing spring. The relationship between GSD and Cave Spring is unique because many residents and business owners can communicate in American Sign Language.

    Is GSD accredited?

    Yes. Georgia School for the Deaf is accredited by the Southern Association of School and Colleges (SACS), which is the same association that accredits all public schools in Georgia. 

    Who is responsible for transporting my child between home and GSD?

    Your local school system is responsible for transporting your child, whether your child is a day student or a residential student. Usually, the Special Education Director of your home county is the person responsible for transportation. 

  • Do I pay for my child to attend GSD?

    No. GSD is a state-operated school, not a private school and there is no charge for your child to attend, whether as a day student or a residential student. You do not have to pay any tuition for your child. 

    Must I pay for my child's meals?

    No. There is no charge for your child to eat at GSD. We require parents to periodically complete a form, usually referred to as a Free or Reduced Meals application, just like any other public school. However, no matter your income, you will not pay for your child's meals at GSD.

     If my child stays in the dormitories, what do I need to provide for the room?

    You are responsible for providing personal hygiene items, such as toothpaste, bath soap, and shampoo, as well as bed linens, blankets, bedspreads, towels, washcloths, and pillows. The dormitories are set up as suites: 2 bedrooms with 2 twin size beds, 2 built-in closets, and 2 built-in dressers/desks, with a common bathroom between them. 

    Who do I contact for my child to attend GSD?

    The parent/guardian should contact the local school system's Special Education Director for a referral to GSD. You may also contact the GSD student services office at 706-777-2200 for further information regarding the referral process.