Students receive monitoring of amplification, annual electroacoustic analysis, and otologic referrals as needed. The audiologist conducts comprehensive audiological and hearing aid evaluations in an on-site sound-treated booth. IEP recommendations are made based on test results. In addition, the audiologist consults with classroom teachers to provide hearing loss awareness education. For repairs and earmolds, our audiologist will need a current Medicaid card or payment in advance. She will also need the name and place of the hearing aid purchase. To obtain new hearing aids every 3 years through Medicaid, you must have a referral from the doctor on your Medicaid card. If your child has not seen that doctor in over 6 months, it may be necessary to do so. After calling the doctor listed on the card, you will then have to see an ear doctor to have the purchase approved. If you call in advance and give the audiologist the name of the audiologist at the ear doctor's office and the phone numbers, she can do the required hearing tests, earmold impressions, and earmold fittings. 

Mobile Audiology

  • GA Mobile Audiology provides comprehensive pediatric audiological services to children and families living outside of Metro Atlanta who have limited access to timely services. You can visit their website at GA Mobile Audiology

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  • Hearing Technology Batteries

    • In response to COVID-19, the Jason Cunningham  Charitable Foundation (JCCF) created a hearing aid battery program in response to a need for children to have working devices while out of school and during the stay-at-home order issued by Governor Kemp. JCCF is accepting donations, raising funds, and distributing batteries to children ages 0-22 who need batteries for their hearing technology (for hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM systems, etc.) through January 2021 or as long as the stay-in-place order remains. JCCF is partnering with the Georgia Mobile Audiology program to get the word out to audiologists and teachers across the state of Georgia and for distribution.  No proof of income, insurance, etc.

    • Parents will need to just fill out this form to know where the batteries should be sent.

    • More information at, or this FORM LINK that will go directly to the signup form.